Majique – the beginning

Inspiration to Innovation

An inspirational idea, initiated by a young beauty therapist called Suzie.

As a young beauty therapist, like most women, young adults and teens, Suzie would balance her nail varnish bottle precariously on the arm of a sofa, on the carpet, on her leg or between her knees, always worrying about the consequences of spilling it or getting it on her clothes.

One day though, whilst painting her nails in this precarious way a thought dawned! What about a holder? One that would sit perfectly between your knees, securely holding the bottle, preventing all of the mishaps and allowing your hands to be free to paint. No more precarious balancing acts or expensive accidents!

So shaping a piece of foam ‘Blue Peter’ style, nibbled and chewed, the first modelling steps were taken.

Having approached a local development and manufacturing company ‘Dugdale Plastics Ltd’ an alliance was formed and the ‘Nail Buddy’ was designed, prototyped and taken into production.

In 2011‘ Majique Ltd’ was formed to market and promote the ‘Majique Nail Buddy’.

Since its introduction the ‘Majique Nail Buddy’ has attracted numerous accolades at trade shows and trade fairs across the UK and was selected as a finalist at the prestigious 2015 Scratch Awards under the ‘Product Innovation’ category, a fantastic achievement.

Building on the success of the ‘Majique Nail Buddy’ a range of Professional top quality salon based products are now available including Nail Polishes, Nail Files, Nail Treatments and luxury gift sets, all of which are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards.

Our ethos at Majique is to provide our customers with top quality Professional products, at a realistic price, that rival other more expensive well known household beauty brands.

Try us!!…… won’t be disappointed.

We are now proud to present to you the Majique Beauty Bar. Located at our premises in Ramsgate, Kent - Opening on the 27th July 2018